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Whether you’re ready to start fresh with your home or simply need a quick colour touchup in your apartment, we’ve got you covered. We like to think there’s nothing more refreshing than a new coat of paint, whether it’s on your interior walls, trims, or doors. Painting interiors can completely change the look and feel of your rooms, and give your home the makeover it may need. B&B Painting makes sure that you’re always satisfied with the quality, speed, and cost of your interior painting and home improvements. We’re here to make sure that your interior transformation puts a smile on your face. We are one of the highest rated Ottawa painters for a reason!

We offer the following interior painting services:
• Living room painting
• Bathroom painting
• Bedroom painting
• Kitchen painting
• Cabinet painting
• Hallway painting
• Basement painting
• Foyer painting
• Door painting
• Window painting
• Ceiling painting
• Trim painting


Did we mention that we offer free estimates? And that we respond to our estimate requests in 12 hours or less?
We understand that painting your home can be stressful, so we want to take off as much of the pressure from you as possible.
How the Set Up Works
We’re here to give you your dream paint job, which is why we always make sure to understand all the details of your vision before we get started. Here are a couple of key things we’ll need from you during the set up phase:

1. All the details of your paint colour, desired decorative texture, desired level of shine or gloss. We always make sure to use the highest quality paints and will provide you with our expert recommendations on colour schemes and paint formulas.

2. Removal of any valuables, delicate objects, and paintings from the walls. Our team always makes sure that project areas are clean, tidy, and safe to be in during the project.

Here is what we’ll take care of during the set up phase:

1. Cover your floors and furniture in order to keep the space clean and tidy. We’ll also put it all back when we’re done!

2. Repair your drywall and any other damages or cracks on your walls. Keep reading for more information on our plastering and drywall services.

3. Sand any necessary surface and make sure you’re ready to go for the paint coat. Then we get to work and start painting!

How the Follow Up Works
At the end of the day, we don’t leave until you’re satisfied. That’s why the inspection phase is super important to our team. After the interior painting is all done and the paint has dried, we’ll provide you with a walkthrough and let you be the judge. Once we’ve ensured you’re happy, we’ll make sure to clean everything up!

Tips and Tricks on Painting Interiors
Our experts are always here to answer your questions on colour schemes, the painting process, and whatever else you may need. In case you need some inspiration for your interior painting decisions, we’ve got a quick list of tips below:

1. Keep the natural light of your rooms in mind when picking colour. Colours will look their truest when in a room with windows that let in daylight. In rooms with no windows, colours can look darker than on your test paint strip.

2. Balance your colour scheme based on matching colours on the colour wheel. Colour coordination can be tricky but it can also be fun! Colours with the same tone can look great together, whereas putting two vivid complementary colours side by side can really overpower a room.

3. Bring in decorative finishes to your walls. There are many ways to make sure walls have more depth and visual texture. A popular style is the decorative technique of parchment paper, which makes your walls look more lively.

4. Note the size, mood, and accessories of a room. The way that a room is set up and is used will have an impact on how the paint looks. For example, an office that is used for professional reasons will change dramatically when going from a dark to a light colour on the walls, as the lighter colour will create a more calming atmosphere.

Plastering and Dry Wall Services
As we mentioned above, B&B Painting also offers dry wall and plastering services. No matter what your interior walls are made of, we’re here to make sure they are safeguarded against damages or holes. Not only will your house have better insulation, but it’ll look better, too!

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