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When it comes to keeping the exterior of your house in good condition and looking fresh, there’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint. Exterior painting is key for both increasing the attractiveness of your house and making sure that it stays protected against the outdoor climate. Whether your exterior has been damaged by extreme cold or extreme heat, we’ve got you covered. We are one of the highest rated Ottawa painters for a reason!

B&B Painting makes sure that you’re always satisfied with the quality, speed, and cost of your exterior painting and home improvements. We’re here to make sure that the way your house looks puts a smile on your face. We know exterior painting can be more complicated than painting interior walls because of the different surfaces and materials that your house can be made of. Don’t worry! Our experts are happy to take on any exterior project, no matter how big or small.

We paint the following exterior painting services:

• Wood painting
• Brick painting
• Cement painting
• Sign painting
• Aluminum siding painting
• Stucco painting
• Deck painting
• Fence painting
• Patio painting
• Stairs painting
• Railing painting
• Door painting
• Trim painting


Did we mention that we offer free estimates? And that we respond to our estimate requests in 12 hours or less?
We understand that painting your home can be stressful, so we want to take off as much of the pressure from you as possible.
How the Set Up Works
We’re here to give you your dream paint job, which is why we always make sure to understand all the details of your vision before we get started.
Here are a couple of key things we’ll need from you during the set up phase:

1. All the details of your exterior color scheme. We always make sure to use the highest quality paints and will provide you with our expert recommendations on color schemes and paint formulas.

2. Removal of any valuables or delicate objects on your exterior surfaces. Our team
always makes sure that projects areas are clean, tidy, and safe to be in during the project.

Here is what we’ll take care of during the set up phase:
1. Cover your plants, foliage, and floors in order to keep the space clean and tidy. We’ll also clean everything up when we’re done!

2. Repair any damages or cracks on your walls. We make sure to fix any loose nails and remove any old paint, as needed.

3. Wash your exterior and make sure you’re ready to go for the paint coat. Then we get to work and start painting!

How the Follow Up Works
At the end of the day, we don’t leave until you’re satisfied. That’s why the inspection phase is super important to our team. After the exterior painting is all done and the paint has dried, we’ll provide you with a walk through and let you be the judge. Once we’ve ensured you’re happy, we’ll make sure to clean everything up!

Tips and Tricks on Painting Exteriors
1. Select the type of paint that works well with the climate in your area. Are the winters full of snow and blizzards in your area? Are the summers too humid and with little rainfall? No matter what the climate, we’ve got recommendations on the types of paint you should use!

2. Balance your color scheme based on matching colors on the color wheel. Color coordination can be tricky but it can also be fun! The outside of your house represents who you are, so choose a bold dominant color that will show the neighborhood you’ve got style. After that, focus on an accent color for all your trim, windows, and doors.

3. Be aware of your interior painting and of other homes in your neighborhood. The exterior of your house is one of the most visible paint colors you’ll ever get to decide on, so it may be important to stay in harmony with other neighboring houses. Also keep in mind that the outside of your home can draw inspiration from the inside!

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