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Interior House Painting - Prepping Your Space for a Brand-New Paint Job

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Not interested in a DIY makeover? Consider hiring someone who specializes in interior house painting to take on the following job! 

After staring at the same walls day in and day out, you might finally decide it’s time for a room makeover. It is truly amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do to completely transform your space, and sometimes all it takes is changing the shade of white, or going from black to a shade of grey, to realize how much bigger your home can look. 

Paint Pairing

After deciding it’s time for a new coat of paint, it’s time to look at paint pairings for your home. A great resource to search for the perfect paint color pairing is This Old Houses’ color wheel, which allows you to easily compare and match colors on the wheel to determine what will suit your new room’s look.  Here are a few examples of different colours that pair well together and can be used on opposite walls of a bedroom, or used as a transition down the stairs into the main entrance way. Since these colours go together nicely, it is a great opportunity to add more than one colour to your walls. Below you will see colour pairings for a darker pallet and a lighter pallet. Exploring paint colours and ideas on Pinterest can also help with your decision process. 

Once you have some paint pairing ideas, it’s time to get your home ready for a new paint job.

Protect your floors/furniture

You’ll want to move any furniture out of the room or into the centre of the room (depending on how big the room is). If items are too heavy and can only be moved to the centre, place tarps on the furniture to ensure that none of the paint will drip or fall. Be sure to also remove anything hanging from the walls before you begin to paint.

Prep Your Walls

Be sure to prepare your walls by filling in any holes with drywall spackle and making sure it is spread evenly with a putty knife. Once your walls have been repaired and prepped to paint, wash your walls with water to remove any dirt and stains. Make sure the walls are dry before painting.

Paint Your Room

Tape around windows and baseboards with painters’ tape before painting. This will ensure that you do not get any unwanted paint on your trim or baseboards. If painting over a dark colour, use an oil-based primer on the walls first. Paint around trim and baseboards before painting the rest of your walls. Use a foam roller to cover the rest of your wall space until the entire room is painted. 

Now you are all set to give your home the transformation it needs. After you have let your paint dry for 24 hours, you can start un draping your floors and furniture, and placing furniture items back in place. Sit back and admire your work, you’re all done!

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