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Improve Your Curb Appeal – Be The Talk of The Neighbourhood

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It might be the end of the summer months, and fall may be right around the corner, but this warm weather has us hoping for just a few more warm evening walks, and a few more patio lunches. The nights are getting cooler, but with all this sunshine there is still time to enjoy that stroll, hangout in the backyard, and enjoy your outdoor space. With this nice weather it’s time to get those last minute exterior home projects done, especially those that are going to involve exterior painting in Ottawa, as the winter months will make this practically impossible.

This blog post will show you how cost effective it can be to step up your game and improve your home’s curb appeal. These ideas are all budget friendly and will show you that with just a little bit of time and a coat of paint, your home can be transformed into your dream space.

For those of you who would prefer hire a professional Ottawa house painter to handle these jobs, drop us a line on our contact page and we’ll be happy to provide a same day no obligation estimate!

Make Your Door POP with a paint makeover

A new door (or repainted door) can transform the front of your home and make your house pop from the other side of the street. Have you ever been driving or walking by a home and seen a beautiful red door and thought “wow”? A new paintjob on your front door will give your neighbors something to envy, and can even increase your homes value. Whether it is red, white, black, blue or even yellow, adding a fresh coat of paint to your door that pairs well with your exterior paint color can do wonders. Add a bold color that enhances rather than clashes with your other colors. Go bold, this is your home, let your creativity go wild.

Learn how to DIY yourself with the Home Repair Tutor in the video below, or shoot us a message for a no obligation quote!


Garage Door Makeover

While a new garage door can be extremely expensive, you can transform your garage door and make it look new for a lot less by simply staining or painting it a new colour. Staining your garage door a complimentary color to your brand new front door for best results. This can be a fantastic way to boost your curb appeal and give your home a newly renovated look. Learn how to do this yourself in the video below, or let the professionals at BNB Painting handle it!

Small but Effective

An obvious but often overlooked idea to boost your improve your curb appeal is to to patch up or repair old paint that is chipping or flaking off. Paint that is worn can make your home look dull and old. While the other two ideas can take a little more time, taking care of your exterior painting and keeping up with wear and tear can be the first step in transforming your home. Adding a coat of white paint to correct chipping on shutters, trim, railings, patios, doors etc. can be the best solution while you work on other areas of the exterior of your home.

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