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How To Install Drywall Ottawa

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It is usually very easy to install a drywall but it takes some practice to tape the joints between panels. If you do not have experience in taping joints, you can install the drywall yourself and then call a professional drywall taper to complete the job for you.

Even though it is very simple to work out how much drywall you need by computing the size of the walls and ceiling, it requires a bit of planning so you would only have a few joints as possible. Usually, 4x8 ft. is the standard sheet size for wall measure. They are typically installed with the long side from floor to ceiling. However, if you can remove a joint by installing them horizontally, you may do so. Drywall sheets are four feet in width but some suppliers carry a 10-foot and even 12-foot lengths variety. The most common thicknesses of drywall are 1/2 inch for walls and 5/8 inch for ceilings. You may check your local building requirements to make sure you are up to code.

Step 1 

Create a set of T-braces using 2 X 4s. This should be about an inch longer than the distance from floor to ceiling. You can also choose to rent adjustable T-braces if you can find one.

Step 2

Cut drywall panels to appropriate size. Smooth the rough panel edges using a coarse sandpaper on a sanding block.

Step 3

Install drywall panels first on the ceiling. Try to span the entire width using a single sheet to decrease the number of joints. Place and wedge the T-braces against the drywall panel to secure it in place until you are done nailing it.

Step 4

Hammer nails at 6-inch gaps into all the beams covered by the panel. Begin at the center of the drywall panel. An extra hammer blow on the nail will dimple the surface slightly but do it carefully without breaking the face paper.

Step 5

Once you are done with the ceiling, start cutting and installing wall panels. Measure carefully for any cutouts on the drywall including switches, electrical outlets or lighting fixtures.

Step 6

Just like with the ceiling, space the nails six inches apart but only four inches between the ceiling and the wall. Make sure to dimple all the nails for a smooth and even finish.

Installing a drywall is easy. Just follow this guide to help you finish your project.

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