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Great Interior Painting at the Best Price

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Your home is your castle. After a long day, your house provides a place to relax and put your minds at ease. We at B&B Painting do everything we can to help make your home an oasis for yourself and your family so you can live stress free. 

A great interior painting can help provide that calm, stress free space. The first thing you see when entering a house is the colour and texture of the wall. If the wall is the wrong colour or filled with bumps and holes, it can effect your mood significantly. Proper colours and application are essential to having an inviting home. Luckily, the experts at B&B Painting can not only help you in selecting the perfect colour, but provide the expert workmanship to ensure the finished product looks as good as it did in your own mind. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting interior paint:

Vivid Colors:

Vivid colours are ideal when painting the living or bedrooms. Colours like light blue or green have the ability to create a calming sensation when entering a room. What truly matters when selecting a colour for a living room or bedroom is the amount of natural light entering the room. With more light entering the room, you can use darker colours for a more dramatic appearance. Contact the experts at B&B Painting to help you select the right colours for your job.


While painting the interior of your house, an often forgotten area are the hallways. Make sure the hallways are painted with a colour that compliments both the rest of the house and takes into account the colours throughout the house. Don’t forget about the kitchen and living areas, and pick artwork that compliments the colours B&B helps you choose in order to have a complete look.  

Quality Service:

B&B Painting has been serving the Ottawa community for many years and are proud of our work. We want to help make your house feel like the home of your dreams with our experts helping you every step of the way. Call us any time to make your interior painting dreams a reality. 

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