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    Removing Old Wallpaper

    Posted on
    Years ago wallpaper was all the trend in many homes, now that trend has long gone. Most homes still continue to have wallpaper due to the time it takes just...

    Make Your Home Pop - Painting Window Trims

    Posted on
    Repainting wood trim around your windows is not a small task, but luckily it is something that can be accomplished on your own with some perseverance. Cracking paint is not...

    Staining Wood 101

    Posted on
    Maybe you’ve recently built a new deck, porch, or are just looking at the bare appearance of a wooden shed in your backyard. What is wood staining? How do you...

    Interior House Painting - Prepping Your Space for a Brand-New Paint Job

    Posted on
    Not interested in a DIY makeover? Consider hiring someone who specializes in interior house painting to take on the following job!  After staring at the same walls day in and day...

    How To Install Drywall Ottawa

    Posted on
    It is usually very easy to install a drywall but it takes some practice to tape the joints between panels. If you do not have experience in taping joints, you...

    Improve Your Curb Appeal – Be The Talk of The Neighbourhood

    Posted on
    It might be the end of the summer months, and fall may be right around the corner, but this warm weather has us hoping for just a few more warm...

    Exterior Painting

    Posted on
    When painting your house, we give a lot of thought and care to the exterior of your house. Before anyone even steps in the front door, the exterior gives the...

    Great Interior Painting at the Best Price

    Posted on
    Your home is your castle. After a long day, your house provides a place to relax and put your minds at ease. We at B&B Painting do everything we can...

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